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Mercantia can be a international festival of street theater held in the middle of July annually in the medieval town of Certaldo Alto, in the Chianti region of Tuscany.

We’re residing in Villa 3 Colli in Santa Maria that a Bagnano that is only a quick distance apart from Certaldo. We actually adore this region and also have been coming back each summer months for the last few years, however we had never seen the Mercantia prior to. This calendar year, as well as some friends we decided to go and see exactly what had been on offer. I could honestly say that we had a great time there and were astounded with the standard of the entertainers along with also the magical atmosphere there. I give this festival 10 out of 10 and I would advise that you just put it high up a listing of places to see if you’re likely to Tuscany in July.

First of all , we adored that the setting of this festival because Certaldo Alto is a modest medieval city that was restored and in my estimation you will not locate a similar setting somewhere else in Tuscany, maybe not at Siena or San Gimignano. Certaldo Alto includes many courtyards, open atmosphere fields and also a castle. Each of these are as was employed by a group of street entertainers, and that means you can walk across city and at each corner you can see an alternative operation.

This year’s festival in 2011 had been held from 13 to 17 July and also the event programme began about 9.00 in the evening and went till about 2.00 in the morning.

You are able to goto Certaldo by car or train. Stick to the signs for Barberino Val d’Elsa and out there the signs for Certaldo. I recommend that if you are beyond the outskirts of Certaldo, you park the car and wander in because it’s rather tough to chance upon a parking place in town itself and you will get trapped in the turmoil of a typically Italian traffic jam Virtual Street Band Design Blog.

You are able to get your entry ticket in the home square of Certaldo. Ticket charges for the 2011 occasion were 1012 Euros for week days and also 18 Euros for Saturday. You might even get a ticket for 30 Euros that would supply you with accessibility for multiple occasions aside from Saturday. Given the number of entertainers you could watch as well as the feeling of Certaldo Alto, these prices are incredibly affordable. The moment you get your ticket you are able to go up to Certaldo Alto using the funicular (but there’s really a long queue) or stroll a fairly steep hill. We decided on the next item and I am glad that we did this because by walking up the hill we formulated a feeling of the strategic need for this city and how assaulting Florentine soldiers must have felt trying to battle their way up this hill.

As soon as you move beyond the entry at the summit of the mountain, people were faced with imposing medieval buildings, so plenty of stalls where artists and artisans marketed a wide range of uniquely designed and unusual craft products, the noise of songs from the street bands and the pleasant aromas of street food wafting from the atmosphere

You will find so many entertainers and programmes which you simply could hardly observe all them even although you attempted to quickly maneuver in one for the next one. Within our programme we’ve relied over 40 occasions for just one day. If you really want to view all of those events, then then it might be well worth purchasing the secondhand ticket.

The Indicates that we particularly liked included:

Zastava Orkestar, a group of musicians and dancers who worked their own way upward and down the main thoroughfare

Teatri 3-5, 3 musicians that mimed some of the paintings of Caravaggio at Piazzetta degli Alberelli

Fekat Circus, an Ethopian acrobatic group in Palazzo Stiozzi Ridolfi

Vertiges, a group of women dance around the vertical wall of the tower of Certaldo

Amarins & Steam Gatte Negre, a folk-pop group from Amsterdam in Piazzetta degli Alberelli

You will find numerous places at which you can get an instant snack and a drink as well as a few eateries. We ceased to eat in a open air restaurant on the major deck of the town overlooking the valley under. An incredible setting with the complete moon lighting up the sky below. The meals was organised with Certaldo city council also has been very reasonable priced. I had sausages with beans, a standard Tuscan peasant dish, so which has been exceptionally yummy.

In general, we experienced a wonderful time in the Mercantiaand will certainly return for next year’s function. If you’re visiting Tuscany, I could recommend the Mercantia if you should be there throughout mid-July or otherwise a visit to Certaldo Alto at any moment during this year.

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